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Dillon County Recycling


Eugene McNeil, Recycling Coordinator

608 S. 1st Ave
P.O. Box 1799
Dillon, SC 29536

Phone: (843)841-8837
Fax: (843)841-8838

Hours of Operation:
8:00 am-4:00 pm (Monday-Friday)
Drop-offs can be scheduled three (3) days in advance for week nights or Saturday.


Dillon County operates 12 convenience centers that are centrally located in the communities.  These sites offer residents the opportunity to recycle:  white goods, scrap metal, lead acid batteries, used motor oil, oil filters, tires, cardboard and newpapers.  Paper items that can be recycled include corrugated cardboard (has the wavy lines in-between), newspapers and inserts, magazines, phone books, office paper and old books.  This program accepts both working and non-working equipment to include:  monitors, computers, printers, keyboards, VCR's, DVD, small peripherals, phone equipment, video/audio equipment and network or test equipment.

Convenience Center Sites

Hours: M, W, F, Sat 6am-6pm

Bingham Site:            3428 Highway 34 West, Latta, SC  29565              (843)774-9166

Floydale Site:             2767 Highway 57 South, Dillon, SC  29536           (843)774-1852

Fork Site:                   3914 Highway 41 Alt., Fork, SC  29543                 (843)464-4236

Hamer Site:                232 Sandy Ridge Rd, Dillon, SC  29536                 (843)841-3705

Highway 34 Site:        1640 Highway 34 West, Dillon, SC  29536           (843)841-3701

Kemper Site:               2227 Highway 41 South, Lake View, SC  29563   (843)759-9778

Latta Site:                   3163 Highway 301 South, Latta, SC  29565          (843)752-9412

Little Rock Site:         1602 Harllees Bridge Rd, Dillon, SC 29536          (843)841-3702

New Town Site:          817 Highway 57 South, Dillon, SC  29536            (843)841-3704

Oak Grove Site:          149 Gary Rd, Latta, SC  29565                               (843)752-4531

Riverdale Site:            131 Pleasant Hill Rd, Dillon, SC 29536                 (843)841-3703

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