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Donnie Grimsley, Coroner

1411 E Main St
P O Box 1006
Dillon, SC  29536

Phone:  (843) 774-1444
Fax:  (843) 841-3864

Hours of Operation:

Duty to notify coroner's office of certain deaths and stillbirths; inquiry; findings; notification of next-of-kin; consent for certain actions.


If a person dies: 

  • as a result of violence; 
  • as a result of apparent suicide; 
  • when in apparent good health; 
  • when unattended by a physician; 
  • in any suspicious or unusual manner; 
  • while an inmate of a penal or correctional institution; or 
  • as a result of stillbirth when unattended by a physician;


A person having knowledge of the death immediately must notify the county coroner's office. This procedure also must be followed upon discovery of anatomical material suspected of being or determined to be a part of a human body.


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