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Dillon County Elected Officials


 Kay McKenzie

Kay McKenzie

(843) 774-1418

Kay S. McKenzie has served as the Auditor for Dillon County since March 1998.  Kay is married to Dick McKenzie and they have one child and two precious grandchildren.  Kay is a member of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church. 

Kay began in the Dillon County Auditor's office in July of 1983 as an office clerk.

Some of the duties of the Auditor's office are:

  • Gathers and compiles a record of all taxable property in the county.

  • Applies millage to the assessed values of all property to produce revenue.

  • Applies millage to pay interest and principle on all bonds.

  • Makes appropriate changes to the tax roll when informed by other departments.

  • Processes refunds on motor vehicles that have been sold or moved out of state.

  • Adjust vehicle taxes on vehicles that have excessive miles.

  • Takes applications on residents that qualify for the Homestead Exemption.

  • Compiles reports as needed by other departments or agencies.
  • Assists churches and disabled veterans with applications when applying for exemptions with the Department of Revenue

Clerk of Court 

Gwen Hyatt

 Gwen Hyatt

(843) 774-1425

Gwen Hyatt has served as the Clerk of Court for Dillon County since January 1992. Gwen is married to Don Hyatt and they have one daughter.  She is a member of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church.

Gwen attended Florence Darlington Technical College.

Some of the services provided by the Clerk of Court's office include:

  • Equal Opportunity Employment

  • Diversification of Court services provided, such as the installation of a new imaging system that enables in-house copying,

  • Continuation of enforcement of child support to include strict sanctions for those who do not pay

  • The provision of a fiber network linking courtrooms across the state

  • The Clerk's duties also extend to maintaining a positive rapport with court administrators, solicitors, judges, attorneys, and the local magistrates court systems.  These duties have allowed for communications between the respective parties to be enhance

  • The Clerk's office is also responsible for maintaining various documents such as:  deeds, lawsuits, family court records, etc.


Donnie Grimsley

Donnie Grimsley

Cell  (843) 495-3119

Office (843) 774-1444

 The Coroner is on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Office of the Coroner investigates all suspicious and violent deaths as well as any deaths occurring at a hospital, nursing home or under Hospice care at a personal residence. Additionally, the Coroner must investigate any death occurring less than 24 hours after a patient is admitted to a hospital and all hospital emergency room deaths. As well as properly dispose of all unclaimed bodies and handle the burial of the same.

The Coroner is to cooperate with various professionals such as physicians, pathologists, medical personnel, other coroners, law enforcement personnel, etc. as necessary in determining causes of death.  The Coroner also coordinates when multiple agencies are involved.  The Coroner is responsible for seeing that all evidence at death scenes are preserved and those personal belongings of the deceased are safeguarded and returned to the families. Death notifications are done in person if possible.  The Coroner notifies relatives and loved ones of the death.  The Coroner controls the releasing of names of the decedents to the news media in order to protect the next-of-kin’s rights.

Probate Court Judge

Teresa Campbell

 Teresa Campbell Smith

(843) 774-1423

Judge Teresa W. Campbell Smith was born on September 21, 1963 in Dillon. She attended public schools in Dillon County and graduated from Dillon High School in 1981.

Judge Smith has been employed with the Dillon County Probate Court since January, 2003. She was elected to the office of Probate Judge of Dillon County in November, 2010 and began the duties of that office on January 4, 2011.

Judge Smith attends East Dillon Baptist Church, is a widow and has one daughter, Tabitha Owens.

The Probate Court has original jurisdiction over actions concerning the issuance of marriage licenses, the estate of deceased persons, the will of an individual, the estate of a minor or incapacitated person, trusts, and involuntary commitments.  Most probate matters are handled without a jury trial, but Probate Court does have the authority to conduct a jury trial.  If there is a "Will" this must be filed with the court within thirty days from the date of death. 

The Probate Court Judge also presides over the Mental Health Court in Dillon County. 

Marriage licenses are issued from the Probate Office.  Also copies of marriage certificates may also be obtained from the Probate Office. 


Major Hulon

Major Hulon

(843) 841-3721

Sheriff Major Hulon was elected sheriff and began serving January 2009.

Sheriff Hulon is married to Cynthia Campbell Hulon and together they have two (2) children and five (5) grandchildren.  They attend Mt Calvary Baptist Church where he teaches Sunday School. 

Sheriff Hulon's previous experience includes 26 years with Department of Natural Resources and 4 1/2 years with Highway Department.

The Dillon County Sheriff's Office, in keeping with the strictest levels of performance requirements, strives to obtain the highest standards of professionalism. By adhering to these standards, the the quality of life in Dillon County is improving. By working cooperatively with the public, and doing so within the Articles of the Constitution, the preservation of peace, and a safe environment for all the citizens and visitors of Dillon County is greatly improved.    


 Jamie Estes

Jamie Calhoun Estes

(843) 774-1416

Jamie Calhoun Estes has served as the Treasurer for Dillon County since July 2007.  Jamie is married to Neal Estes and they have three children.

Jamie attended the College of Charleston.  After graduation she was employed with Webster Rogers & Co. and Kenneth Cobb and Co. as a staff accountant.  Jamie began in the Dillon County Treasurer's office in May of 2002.

The Treasurer's duties include:

  • Collecting, allocating and dispersing funds for Dillon County Government and School District, which includes local, state and federal funds.

  • Collects and disperses all tax revenues to the City of Dillon and Towns of Lake View and Latta.

  • Each month the Treasurer oversees reports and documentation to support revenues that are distributed to the municipalities.

  • Responsible for all state revenue reports for homestead exemptions, manufacturers and motor carrier reimbursements and tax reform exemptions for school operating reimbursement.

Dillon County, South Carolina

109 S 3rd Avenue

P.O. Box 449

Dillon, SC  29536

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