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Kay McKenzie
401 W Main St Room 203
P O Box 32 
Dillon, SC  29536

Phone:  (843)774-1418 
Fax:  (843)841-3729

Hours of Operation:
8:30 am-5:00 pm (Monday-Friday)

Department Responsibilities

  • Compiles a complete listing and description of all real and personal property that is taxable in the county.
  • Applies the millage rate that is determined by the governing body to the assessed values in order to produce revenue collected by the County Treasurer.
  • Grants the Homestead Exemption to eligible county residents in the year after they become 65, totally disabled or blind.
  • Processes the refund of property taxes when a taxpayer sells his vehicle or moves out of state.
  • Makes adjustments to the tax bills when notified by the Assessor or Department of Revenue of corrections in values or new ownership. Also adjust vehicle taxes when documentation of high mileage is received. Adds penalty charges to property taxes that have not been paid timely.
  • Complies year-end assessment reports of all taxable property that is needed by Bond Attorneys, Department of Revenue, County, School Districts or other agencies.

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Dillon County, South Carolina

109 S 3rd Avenue

P.O. Box 449

Dillon, SC  29536

(843) 774-1400  |  (843) 774-1443 fax