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Clerk of Court

Gwen T. Hyatt
301 W Main St  
P  O Drawer 1220
Dillon, SC  29536

Phone:  (843) 774-1425
Fax:      (843) 841-3706


Hours of Operation: 8:30 am-5:00 pm (Monday-Friday)


Boundary clarification between NC and SC
2015-2016 SC Bill 667
Boundary Clarification Public Notice(PDF)

Department Responsibilities

Each county has a popularly elected Clerk of Court who serves a four year term. The Clerk of Court serves both the Circuit Court and the Family Court.  The Clerks of Court are charged with docket management, receipt of fees, fines and costs, maintenance of all court records, and submission of reports to a variety of state and federal agencies.

Circuit Court

In Circuit Court, the Clerk of Court is responsible for both criminal and civil matters, and some of these duties include receipt of criminal warrants and transmission to the solicitor, receipt of bail, compilation of trial lists, jury management and staffing the courtroom while the court is in session.

Family Court

Among the duties a Clerk of Court is responsible for in Family Court are the collection and disbursement of court-ordered child support payments, issuance of Rules to Show Cause in cases where court orders have not been followed, and filing of Orders of Protection and transmittal of these orders to the appropriate local law enforcement agencies. The Clerk also collects and disburses court-ordered child support payments.

**Public Portal And Attorney Access Portal Are Now Available**

Family Court Case Management Systems

      Public Portal: 

     Attorney Access (Requires Attorney Information System ID and Password):  


Register of Deeds

The Clerk of Court also serves as the Register of Deeds, formerly called Register of Mesne Conveyances, in some counties.  The Register of Deeds is responsible for recording all property transactions and records as required by state law. In some counties, the Register of Deeds is an elected or appointed position, and is a separate office from the Clerk of Court.

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Dillon County, South Carolina

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P.O. Box 449

Dillon, SC  29536

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