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Hurricane Florence: FEMA Housing Inspections

Mon, 10/08/2018

Applicants for federal disaster assistance with FEMA may be contacted by a FEMA-contracted housing inspector to schedule an inspection to verify disaster-related damage.

Inspectors may contact survivors by phone, text or email depending upon the contact information provided by the applicant at registration.

The inspection generally takes about 20-40 minutes. The inspector will want to see the damaged areas of the home and any damaged furniture and personal property. There is no fee for the inspection.

On the day of the inspection, applicants should ask the inspector to show a FEMA photo ID badge. If an inspector refuses to show FEMA photo identification, do not allow the inspection. Disasters sometimes bring out scam artists who prey on the needs of disaster survivors. Someone 18 years of age or older must be present during the inspection. The inspector will also ask to see: Photo identification; Proof of ownership/occupancy of damaged residence (tax bill, mortgage payment book, rental agreement or utility bill); Insurance documents (insurance decision letter and/or an auto insurance policy summary); List of people living in the residence at the time of disaster; and All disaster-related damages to both real and personal property. Inspectors will not ask for your Social Security number or bank account information.

If the home was found to be inaccessible at the time of inspection, the applicant is required to let FEMA know when the home is accessible and request a new inspection. To update the status of an uninhabitable dwelling applicants should call the Disaster Assistance Helpline at 800-621-3362. Once the status of the home is updated and the survivor has requested a new inspection, a FEMA-contracted inspector will contact the applicant to schedule the inspection. Once the inspection process is complete, FEMA will review the case and send a letter to the applicant outlining a decision. Read this letter carefully. Many times ineligibility is due to FEMA not having important information, such as an insurance settlement letter, proof of ownership or proof of occupancy. Applicants have 60 days to appeal a FEMA decision. The appeal process is detailed in the letter. 

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